Month: December 2011

Caring For Sensitive Teeth

There are ways to deal with sensitive teeth. Presently several leading toothpaste brands in the market are geared to address sensitive teeth. When looking for these, check the boxes of the toothpastes to see if it addresses teeth sensitivity. One brand that dentists recommend is Sensodyne, but other brands can be very effective, too. The …

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FREE Cosmetic Consultation

Here at Puredental we tend to find that most people who are considering – or who wish to have – some cosmetic dentistry work have questions, naturally. But having unanswered questions can bring about indecisiveness, and many of those people will postpone or keep delaying the dental work they wish to have. This is why …

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The Basics on Dental Filling

A dental filling is a common procedure for dentists to repair a tooth’s minimal fractures and surface damages caused by tooth decay. Dental filling also allows the dentist to restore a tooth’s function and retain the overall structure of a tooth, bringing it back to its original shape. Not only does this procedure do wonders …

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