Do You Take Your Oral Hygiene For Granted?

Having good oral hygiene, no matter how important, is often taken for granted. The reality is that less adults value the importance of practising and maintaining proper oral hygiene than should be the case. Thus leading to more serious dental problems, such as gingivitis and periodontal disease. We’ll be discussing these two in more detail […]
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Prevention: Reducing the Risk of an Abscess

Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes. Whilst this is true, it is of course impossible to assure or guarantee that a routine will prevent something from happening. Still, we have exercise routines to prevent heart disease, healthy diets to prevent fat build up and more. Those are not magic bullets, but rather […]
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Re-Run of Our Popular Invisalign Offer

  Last week we announced that we’re bringing back our now ‘famous’   Invisalign offer. We announced this on Friday morning, and since the weekend we’ve handled a few enquiries from anxious people who are wondering whether they’ve missed out again! Many people missed the heads-up because of the weekend, and those late comers are […] Read more »

We’re Extending Our Invisalign Offer – By Popular Demand

The January sales came and went in a flash, and many of our customers missed out on the fantastic offer we ran for those interested in Invisalign. We received so many requests to re-run the offer, that we finally decided to do so. So we’re pretending that the January sales are still running… at least […]
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Getting Your Abscessed Tooth Dealt With

We’ve talked about abscesses over the past few days, to help others understand how they should deal with them in the event one develops. In the case of a patient already having an abscess and willing to deal with it, there may be some anxiety regarding the procedure, so in this post we’re going to […]
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What are the causes of abscessed tooth?

We talked in our previous post about abscesses and how to deal with them from the onset. But what are the causes of an abscessed tooth, you may well ask. And that’s what we’re goign to answer here. The causes of tooth abscess are chipped or broken teeth, gingivitis, tooth decay, or periodontal disease. Gum […]
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