Hydrafill™ is a biodegadeable, non-animal, hyaluronic acid based implant that is injected directly into the dermis to help preserve and restore a youthful looking skin.

After personalised consultation and diagnosis, we will propose the most suitable treatment for you. Hydrafill™ is available in three formulations, depending on the types and severity of wrinkles to be treated.

Basic information

Stringently purified and among the most concentrated dermal injectable implant available, its molecular structure is modified to optimise viscoelasticity and duration in the dermis.

Hydrafill™ is a transparnet, viscoelastic gel. Similar to hyaluronic acid found in your skin, Hydrafill™ is integrated into the dermis as one of its own consituents and replenishes your own natural hyaluronic acid. Consequently, Hydrafill™ follows the natural cycle of skin degradation and regeneration.

Other information

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