Do you have an abscess tooth?

This week has been a right pain…

OK folks, we couldn’t help that one.

But it’s true: this week we’ve been talking about painful Wisdom teeth, oral surgery, tooth extraction, dealing with post-tooth extraction, and now… abscessed teeth!

As we’re fond of saying here at Puredental, prevention is better than cure, so let’s dig deeper into this topic and learn all we can folks!

So how do you know if you have an abscessed tooth?

If you have been experiencing a sharp and throbbing toothache that is continuous, accompanied by fever, swollen neck glands and gums, foul breath, and sores on the side of your gums—chances are you have an abscessed tooth.

Naturally, we advise that you visit your dentist right away.

What exactly is an abscessed tooth?
An abscessed tooth, or root abscess, is an infection that results from pus that is enclosed around the tissue of the tooth. Sometimes the infection originates from the tooth’s root, or between the gum and the tooth. This is usually the cause behind the excruciating pain that some people experience.

This is a serious condition that can lead to several problems when not treated accordingly. The infection may cause openings in the tooth enamel and then spread to the pulp(the center) of the tooth. Worse, an abscessed tooth can also lead to facial swelling and a dissolved jawbone.

By now you should be aware of how serious an abscess can turn out to be. If you’re suffering from the above symptoms, make visiting your dentist a top priority!

We’ll be back next week with more instalments, so until then, keep brushing!

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