Re-Run of Our Popular Invisalign Offer


Last week we announced that we’re bringing back our now ‘famous’   Invisalign offer.

We announced this on Friday morning, and since the weekend we’ve handled a few enquiries from anxious people who are wondering whether they’ve missed out again!

Many people missed the heads-up because of the weekend, and those late comers are just learning about our Invisalign offer as they catch up with their tweets and social commentary.

This post is for those with questions about Friday’s offer:

  • No, you haven’t missed out on our Invisalign offer – we posted about it on Friday to let everybody we’re re-running the offer until further notice
  • Yes, you can still take advantage of it (see above point)

For those just learning about our Invisalign offer, here’s what it’s all about

We ran a great offer (and we mean *great*) over January and so many people missed out that we decided to rerun the offer.
You can see the original post about the Invisalign offer

If Invisalign is something that you’re considering or been ‘sitting on the fence’ about, this offer should give you all the reasons you need to justify your treatment – by saving up you to £1300!

Go take a look at the Invisalign offer.

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