Wine Stained Teeth Whitening

during the festive season and we all like to kick back and relax and enjoy drinks with friends and family. It’s all part and parcel of being jolly.

However, there’s always a cost to everything, and in this case too much red wine usually means stained teeth.

Having and maintaining a bright smile takes a little bit of effort and discipline, just like anything else, but the rewards are worth it. These include things like:

  •  better appearance
  •  more self-esteem
  •  improved confidence
  •  general well-being

You can’t really put a price on feeling good.

So what to do about your wine stained teeth?

The good news is that it takes just one trip to Puredental to get your bright smile restored!
With our 1 hour zoom teeth whitening treatment your teeth will be brighter once again. For those looking for alternatives, we have various other teeth whitening treatments available.

If your smile has been dampened by the Christmas spirit (pun intended) get in touch today and enquire about our teeth whitening treatments and special offers!

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