1 Hour Zoom Power System Southport

1 Hour Zoom Power System Southport 1Puredental is a trusted provider of the Zoom teeth whitening system in Southport.

The Zoom Advanced Power System is a powerful and safe way of getting teeth a certain number of shades lighter. With the right treatment provided by Puredental you can restore your smile to a bight shinning winning smile with the Zoom whitening system.

From Zoom’s own marketing literature: The Wow Factor™ – Whitening Teeth to B1 or Better

In clinical studies, over 50% of patients reached B1 or better* in just 45 minutes. This testing was conducted among patients with starting shades of A3 or darker using three, 15 minutes sessions.

You can find out more about the Zoom Whitening System with a simple search online, by visiting their website. If you’re considering this powerful and fast method of getting your teeth whiter, pop into our dental practice in 54 East Bank Street and ask! We look forward to seeing you there!

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