A Primer on Wisdom Teeth

A Primer on Wisdom Teeth 3Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth in the mouth to erupt. They are also known as your third set of molars. Most adults grow 32 teeth, the first 28 come at an early age, with the last set of four typically erupting at the back of the mouth by the time a person reaches the age of 17.

Some people may or may not have a painful experience with their wisdom teeth. The pain varies to certain degrees, depending on the location of the wisdom teeth when they erupt.

When wisdom teeth emerge at a much later time, the chances of them trying to push against your existing teeth and force their way up to the gums is most likely to happen. This is where the wisdom teeth become impacted — and painful. Since impacted wisdom teeth can be angled inward, outward, backward, or forward, they can create “pockets” or gaps between the teeth that will attract the growth of bacteria, leading to infection and decay.

Besides the pain, this is one good-enough reason for you to extract your impacted wisdom teeth as soon as possible.

If you’re having issues with your Wisdom teeth, and you’re in the area, contact Puredental for a consultation. If you’re not within easy reach of Liverpool, contact your own dentist and have them resolve your issue quickly.

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