Anti-Snoring Southport

Looking for a solution to stop snoring? Try our anti-snoring solution. Southport based Puredental in New Bank Street offer a wide range of treatments including help for people searching for an effective anti-snoring solution.

Pop into our dental practice and ask – we’re here to answer all your questions.

Why we snore:
The noise of snoring is caused by the vibration of the soft tissues in the upper airway. During sleep the muscles of the upper airway relax resulting in the formation of bottlenecks or even complete obstruction of the airways. The body reacts by increasing the velocity of the air which in turn causes vibration of the soft tissues which generates the noise of snoring.

Research has shown that approximately 40% of the adult population snore. As a person gets older the chances of snoring increases. (i.e. in men aged 60 this increases to 60%.) The chances of snoring are also increased if a person is overweight or drinks alcohol.

Here at Pure dental we can make you an oral appliance which is worn at night to prevent snoring. We have found this to be an effective treatment among our patients and we’re happy to offer this service in Southport. Stop snoring from today!

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