Post-extraction Tooth Care

Post-extraction Tooth Care 3Yesterday’s post hit a nerve (pun intended) with some people, especially those who know about dealing with a painful tooth – or a painful Wisdom tooth – first hand.

Today’s tips go hand in hand with yesterday’s update, especially if you’ve undergone oral surgery or had a tooth extraction.

Today we want to talk about the post-extraction period.

Yes, dental hygiene is a habit for life folks… so after the painful tooth is gone, there’s still maintenance work to do!

You see, when the procedure is over, you may notice a little bleeding around the tooth, and maybe even some swelling. This is completely normal.

In some cases where you’re in pain, your dentist may prescribe medication to help you deal with the pain.

The thing to keep in mind is that this doesn’t usually last for long.

Having said this, it’s very important to follow the post-extraction care your dentist gives you.

Whatever that may be.

You may not be able to eat certain foods for a few days, but it’s worth the sacrifice —especially when you’re back to normal in no time – that’s when you’ll feel the difference after your mouth has fully recovered.

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