The Ultimate Teeth Whitening Experience

Utilizing the almost immediate results achieved with the Zoom system plus the extended whitening from the tray system, the ultimate level of whiteness can be achieved. If your aim is to have the whitest enamel possible on your teeth, this package is for you.

The Combination System has proved to be our most popular procedure as it gives stunning results and allows future top up whitening whenever you want.

Whitening techniques are often used in combination with other cosmetic procures to complete a package of treatment. A consultation with one of our cosmetic dentists will be used to decide on the best approach to achieve the results you want.

This gel is applied onto the surfaces of the teeth using your customised trays, initiating and accelerating the whitening process.

For enhanced results it is recommended that the Zoom whitening is followed by the home system – this will give more accurate results. please call puredental for further details.