Puredental Dental Braces Solutions

FASTBRACES® products are designed for effortless fit and performance. Carefully crafted, Fastbraces® Technology ensures that these braces are
a pleasure to wear.

Both affordable and comfortable, this mature technology of over two decades-old combined with today’s high tech is what makes this Fastbraces® such a high quality product.

When it comes to options, the original FASTBRACES® Standard Metal™ bracket is still available alongside an array of affordable newcomers, such as
aesthetically pleasing FASTBRACES® Ceramic Clear™ brackets, and the new product design by Viazi™, the FASTBRACES®TURBO™ for those patients whose time is more important than money.

FASTBRACES® is a globally known brand today, selling in various countries around the globe, and has built its reputation on affordability and comfort. FASTBRACES® Technologies typically help move teeth into position within weeks to months as opposed to typical braces that may take years to correct teeth positoning.


The patented triangular brackets are designed to move the roots of the teeth towards their final position right from the beginning of the treatment,
with an easy and comfortable fit to ensure that the wearer feels great wearing the braces.

FastBraces 1

Built with safety in mind, FASTBRACES® Technology was developed to straighten teeth quickly and safely whilst providing an affordable solution. FASTBRACES® Technology bracket systems enable the roots of teeth to have some movement whilst working them towards their final positions, which enables patients to get results often with less sensitivity.

If you’re looking for braces to correct teeth positioning, contact us today to discuss your FASTBRACES options.