Puredental Facial Enhancements

Hydrafill™ is a biodegadeable, non-animal, hyaluronic acid based implant that is injected directly into the dermis to help preserve and restore a youthful looking skin.

After personalised consultation and diagnosis, we will propose the most suitable treatment for you. Hydrafill™ is available in three formulations, depending on the types and severity of wrinkles to be treated.

Basic information

Stringently purified and among the most concentrated dermal injectable implant available, its molecular structure is modified to optimise viscoelasticity and duration in the dermis.

Hydrafill™ is a transparnet, viscoelastic gel. Similar to hyaluronic acid found in your skin, Hydrafill™ is integrated into the dermis as one of its own consituents and replenishes your own natural hyaluronic acid. Consequently, Hydrafill™ follows the natural cycle of skin degradation and regeneration.

Other information:

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Immediate Results

Immediate results With hydrafill™, fine lines, wrinkles, folds and traces are immediately filled and corrected. Mouths too, can become fuller and lips more clearly defined. In addition, as an oval facial shape is often associated with younger appearance, augmentation in the cheek area can enhance a youthful appearance.

Individual Programme

The three hydrafill™ products, grades 1,2 and 3, correspond to the three wrinkle types commonly found in the skin.

These wrinkle types are correlated with areas of high of low movement in the face and each type has different requirments for repair.

Each hydrafill™ grade has a specific hyaluronan gel formula. The formulations of each grade are tailored to the specific characteristics of the dermis in the various areas to be treated.

Grade 3
For the most notceable folds and lines, to remodel the lips, and to enhance facial contours

Grade 2
Ideal for smoothing the wrinkles between the nose and the corner of the mouth, those between the eyebrows, and around the mouth area.

Grade 1
Formulated to correct the fine lines that form crow’s-feet wrinkles around the eyes.


Applications: hydrafill™ has been shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, acne or other scars, remodel lips and enhance facial contours.

  • No pre-treatment
  • A safe and effective correction is achievable
  • Results are visible immediately
  • 3 grades are available for a solution tailored to your individual requirements. 
  • The products can be used at the same time in perfect synergy or separately.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

Treatment sessions

A hydrafill™ treatment usually takes 15 to 30 minutes.

The injections are made using a pre-filld syringe equipped with a very fine needle. The area in the dermis to be treated is typically only a few millimetres from the surface of the skin. The injector may use a local anaesthetic.

You will be able to resume your normal professional and family life immediately after treatment. For the best corrective effect, two or three sessions are recommended during the first year.

Additional points to remember for best skin protection:

  • Limit your alcohol intake
  • Refrain from smoking
  • Regularly apply moisturiser
  • Limit your exposure to the sun and use a high-protection sun block

How wrinkles form

Your skin is constantly under attack. Each day you are exposed to an assault of wind, sun, cold and pollution. In addition, fatigue, emotional changes, hormonal swings and simply the passage of time can take their toll on your skin. These internal and external attacks combine to weaken your skin’s structure and appearance.

The skin’s structure deteriorates at the level of the dermis; the deeper living layer of the skin. When vital components of the dermis such as collagen fibres, elastin and hyaluronic acid becomes less abundant, the dermis is weakened, causing a noticeable impact on the appearance of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid plays an important role in moisturising the skin and helps to give the skin its elasticity and tone. It is the fundamental matter in which the collagen fibres and elastin are immersed.


Most frequent questions and answers
Yes. Fine lines are the result of deterioration of the dermis. Dermal filling techniques usin hydrafill™ implants are intended for all ages and can prevent and treat the formation of wrinkles.
Generally no. For some of the more sensitive areas (around the lips), an anaesthetic cream or a superficial local anaesthetic can be applied before the hydrafill™ injections for increased comfort. Sometimes your practitioner may utilize a dental block to maximise your comfort during the treatment sessions
In the hours following your injections, you may see some slight swelling or red marks. These can be masked easily with a foundation cream.
The correction will be degraded gradually until the skin returns to its initial appearance. hydrafill™ injections are generally renewed 2 or 3 times in the 1st year, then 1 or 2 times annually thereafter.
Yes. In paticualar for nasolabial fold and deeper cheek wrinkles